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Many people, especially those who just bought their first fireplace-equipped home, completely ignore the existence of dampers, caps, and their use.


Dampers are a critical part of any modern chimney system. Without it, you will have cold drafts entering your home, or most of the cool air from your air conditioning would escape through the chimney flue, making your energy costs soar.

We have seen our share of families having to evacuate their homes after they tried to light their fireplace for the first time, but didn´t know their damper was completely closed, causing all the toxic fumes and soot to enter the house. Many would find the image of it funny, but this is, in fact, extremely dangerous.

If you just bought a home that boasts a nice fireplace, call The Chimney Sweepers for a nice cleanup, and we will tell you everything there is to know about your awesome chimney. Once you get a clear idea of how to light a proper fire, you will know why so many people love gathering around a cozy fire in their own home.

We always recommend having a damper that provides a tight fit so it prevents any heat loss. We can repair or replace your damper in case you need that extra tightness, or detect any leaking. Dampers need to be set for maximum efficiency so it lets in the right amount of air to allow a full combustion, and lets all the smoke and soot get out through the chimney liner.


Your chimney cap serves as a protective measure for your home. It´s primary function is to keep pests away. Birds love nesting right on top of chimneys because of the warmth they provide, but they start leaving a lot of debris behind, clogging up your chimney flue. Other critters also love crawling into your home through the chimney. Finding a dead animal stuck up your flue during a chimney sweep is not unheard of.

Caps also prevent water and moisture to enter the chimney. Water is definitely a chimney killer, and you really want your brickwork to be nice and dry.

It also stops downdrafts which cause sudden smoke bursts into your home. Those living in windy areas should definitely install a high-quality chimney cap.

Caps also work as spark deflectors or spark arrestors, preventing any embers from flying away and starting fires in neighboring areas.

When you call for a chimney sweep, make sure they check your cap and damper. The mesh surrounding your chimney cap eventually collects soot and creosote, so it is always a good idea to have it cleaned using special equipment designed to remove the buildup fast and easy.

Call our chimney sweep experts and make sure your chimney cap, damper and flue are in top condition.

If you need to boost your chimney efficiency, talk to one of our representatives to find out the best products and solutions for your fireplace.


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